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Cynthia Mervis Watson, M.D,


Cynthia Mervis Watson, M.D. is board certified in family medicine and is nationally recognized as an authority in several areas including sexual dysfunction, hormonal problems, menopause, PMS, immune disorders and chemical toxicity.

Seen on national television, Dr. Watson is known for incorporating conventional medicine with herbs, homeopathy, and nutrition. Her principal interests are in preventative medicine and longevity. She focuses of wellness as a means to achieve greater vitality and extend the quality of life.

At the age of 21, after completing two years of college, Dr. Watson chose to leave behind urban life and went to work in a remote corner of Norway. As a mother's helper on a Biodynamic farm, she became a student of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D. and developed an interest in the naturopathic medicine practiced by Ursula Johanson. With Ursula's assistance, Dr. Watson was able to attain a position as a nurse's aide in a small homeopathic hospital in the Black Forest region of Germany. There Dr. Watson was introduced to the type of medicine so often seen in Europe, a blend of herbs, homeopathy and other types of supportive therapy combined conventional medicine.

Inspired by this experience, Dr. Watson returned to her family in Pittsburgh and began the journey through the American Medical system. She completed her bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1977 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, graduating Magna Cum Laude and received an award for Excellence in the Sciences as wells as the America Chemical Society Award for Research in Physical Chemistry. She then traveled to Southem Califomia where for two years, she did research in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Southem Califomia School of Medicine. In 1979, she began her medical training at the USC School of Medicine. During her training, Dr. Watson received scholarship awards from ARCS, an organization set up to provide scholarships to gifted students. She completed medical school in 1983 and completed her Residency at USCin the Department of Family Medicine.

In 1986, she began private practice as a Board Certified Family Physician in Santa Monica. Her practice flourished because of her unique approach to treating each person as a whole with conventional as well as alternative medical therapies. As she became better known in the community she was requested to appear on local television and radio shows. In 1991, following the Cantara train derailment and toxic spill, she was asked to go Redding to evaluate patients exposed to the chemicals.

Dr. Watson is a staff member of Santa Monica - UCLA, and St. Johns Hospitals. She has been a clinical faculty instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at USC, and a preceptor with both the UCLA School of Medicine and the Santa Monica Family Practice Residency Program. Over the past several years, Dr. Watson has operated a very successful private practice handling all areas of primary care medicine. She has lectured to both professionals and the public, including a national lecture tour on Women's Health Care and Homeopathy, the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance, and the Learning Annex. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including NBC News, Unsolved Mysteries, Strange Universe, Extra, ABC Day One, Geraldo, Leeza, Marylou, and The Other Side. Dr. Watson has a eighteen year old son, Ryan.

Curriculum Vitae

Cynthia Mervis Watson, M.D.

3201 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 211
Santa Monica, California 90403

Phone: 310-315-9101

FAX: 310- 587-3461

Date of birth: June 12, l950

Place of birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Citizenship: USA

Employment: Private Practice - Solo practitioner November 1992 to
Women's Medical Group September l987 to
Private Practice/Family Medicine October 1992

Prairie Medical Group, Inc. July l986 to Private Practice/Family Medicine September l987
Certification: American Board of Family Practice July 1986
Recertification July l992, July 1999

Affiliations: Santa Monica - UCLA Hospital, Santa Monica, California
St. Johns Hospital, Santa Monica, California

Teaching: Clinical Preceptor UCLA Dept of Family Medicine
1995 - present

Clinical Faculty Instructor, Department of Family
Medicine, University of Southern California

Preceptor, Family Practice Center
Santa Monica Hospital Family Practice Program
University of California, Los Angeles, Affiliate

High School Peabody High School l968
with Honors
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
College Ohio State University l968 - 70
Columbus, Ohio Liberal Arts
No Degree
Duquesne University l975-77
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
B.S .Chemistry
Magna Cum Laude

Medical School University of Southern California l979 - 83
Los Angeles, California

Internship LAC - USC Medical Center l983 - 84

Residency University of Southern California l983 - 86
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
Family Practice Program
12401 Washington Blvd.
Whittier, California 90602

Acupuncture UCLA Medical Acupuncture Training 1999

Organizations: American Academy of Family Practice
National Center for Homeopathy
American College for the Advancement of Medicine
American Association for Medical Acupuncture

Publications: Love Potions, A Guide to Aphrodisiacs and Sexual
Pleasures, Putnam, New York, N.Y. 1993, 2003
User's Guide to Easing Menopausal Symptoms Naturally,
Basic Health Publications, New Jersey,
Love Potions, A 90's Guide to Sexual Enhancement, a
video production by Sweet Visions Productions, 1993
All About Lipoic Acid, Avery Publishing, 1999
"Better Sex in Midlife" Let's Live; November 2000
Rosenbaum, M., Vodjani, A.,Susser, M., Watson, C.;
"Improved Immune Activation Markers in Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) Patients with Thymic Protein A"
Jnl of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (2001) 11, 241-247

Honors and Certificate for Excellence in the Sciences, Duquesne
Awards University 1977
American Chemical Society Award for Research in
Physical Chemistry 1977
Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 1975-77
ARCS Scholarship 1979 - 1983

Consulting: Expert Reviewer, California Medical Board,
Advisory Board for Natrol, June 1999
Editorial Advisor, Rodale Press
Biological Homeopathic Industries, Inc.
Advisory Board, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
Medical Advisory Board, Isagenix International

Media: Appearances on NBC News, Discovery Channel, A& E The Love
Chronicles, Unsolved Mysteries, Strange Universe, Extra, Hard
Copy, Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, Jane Whitney, John and Leeza,
Good Day L. A., Real Personal, The Other Side
"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", April 2001
"Aphrodisiacs, Magic or Medicine" Discovery Channel
"To Tell The Truth" October 2001
"Love Chronicles" A& E,
Berman and Berman, Discovery Channel; March 2002

Articles in Longevity, Redbook, GQ, Self, Mademoiselle,
New Woman, First for Women, Harper's Bazaar, New
York Times, Los Angeles Times, L.A. Reader, Muscle & Fitness, Health Quest, Journal of Longevity Research,
Men's Health and Fitness, Ladies Home Journal, Details

Lectures: "Women's Health Disorders", BHI-Heel 1994
"Natural Approaches Towards Menopause", Capital Drugs
"Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs", Whole Life Expo 1996
"Premenstrual Syndrome", Professional Technical Services
"Nutrition for Breast Cancer Support" Los Angeles
Breast Cancer Alliance 1995
"Homeopathy for the Home" , Health Expo
"Complementary Medicine" Little Company of Mary, Department
of Family Practice, December 1997, Department of Nurse Managers, January 1998
"Applications of Complementary Medicine in Clinical Practice", New Hope Communications, March 1998
"Prevention and Healing Breast Cancer", L.A. Breast Cancer Alliance, April 1988
"Complementary Medicine Approach to Allergies", California Association of Allergy, Immunology and Asthma, August 1998
"Alternatives of Antibiotics", St. Johns Annual CME Staff Conference, Santa Monica, California, September 1998
"Integrated Medicine Approach to Viral Hepatitis", poster presentation, International Conference on Viral Hepatitis, Montreal, Canada, October 1998
"Women's Heath and the Natural Pharmacy" Natural Pharmacy
West, Palm Springs, California, June 1999
"Natural Medicines for Menopause" 43rd Annual Kaiser
Permanente Ob-Gyn meeting, San Diego 1999
"Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy" Cedars Sinai Pediatric
Residents Annual Retreat, UCLA Conference Center, Lake
Arrowhead, California, September 1999
"Herbal and Drug Interactions" St John's Hospital Community
Education Project, May 2000
"Complementary Approach To Osteoarthritis" St John's
Community Education Project, April 2000
"Longevity and Aphrodisaics" Stephen Weiss Temple, August 2000
"Complementary Approach to GI Disorders", St. John's Annual
CME Conference. September 2000
"Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs" Santa Rosa Community Hospital
January 2001, Little Company of Mary, May 2001
"Complementary Medicine" Arroyo Grande Medical Center,
May 2001, San Antonio Hospital June 2001, Hoag Hospital October 2001
"Female Sexual Dysfunction" Northridge Hospital, September 2001,
Glendale Adventist, October 2001
"Integrated Approach to Female Sexual Dysfunction", Women's
Sexual Health State of the Art, UCLA February, 2002
"Natural Approach to Menopause" Little Company of Mary, May 2002
"Herbal Medicine and Drug Interactions", West Hills Hospital, June 2002
"Hormones and Mood Disorders", Safe Harbor, Los Angeles, June 2002
"Longevity, How to Live Longer and Healthier" Shangri-La Women's Day October 2002
"Integrative Approach to Cancer Prevention" Women's Health Day 2002, Culver City October 2002
"Integrative Medicine Approach to Pain Management" St. Joseph's Medical Center, Orange, Ca January 2003, Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Center, February 2003. Citrus Valley Medical Center, Covina, Ca March 2003, Kaiser Permanente, Bellflower October 2003, La Palma Hospital November 2003
"Natural Hormone Replacement" , The Art of Integrated Health and Wellness" Oxnard, California, March 2003
"Antiaging and Longevity", Downey Community Hospital, June 2003
"Prevention of Breast Cancer", Kaiser Permanente, Sunset, July 2003
"Complementary Medicine and Nutrition", Centinela Hospital September 2003
"Sexual Vitality and Aging", French Hospital, San Luis Obispo September 2003, Encino Hospital, November 2003
"Integrated Medicine Approach to Prevention of Heart Disease and Cancer" Women's Health Day, Center for Healthy Aging, October 2003
"Antiaging Therapies" South Coast Medical Center, January 2004
"Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs" Santa Monica, February 2004
"Women's Health Symposium", Panel at Conscious Living Expo, Los Angeles, California, February 2004
"Keep the Fires Burning, Sexual Vitality and How to Keep It" Hadassah Women's Conference, February 2004

Research: Ophthalmological photography, surgical procedures,
microbiology, pathology, cell culture

Research Technician, University of Southern California,
Department of Dermatology, l977 - l978
Gas chromatography, Nuclear Resonance Imaging
Technology , Summer l977

Research Assistant in Biochemistry and Physical
Chemistry during undergraduate training with publications "Douglas, K.T., Yaggi, N.F., Mervis, C.M. Leaving Group Effects of Thioesters Part II, JCS Perkins II" l981

Research Technician, Center for Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh, Survey Research Center, l974 - l976

Foreign Languages: Spanish, German, Norwegian

Work Experience: Independent Study, Nurse's Aid, Paracelsus Krankenhaus
Unterlengenhardt, Germany l973 - l974
Homeopathic and Anthroposophical hospital

Independent Study, Farm Hand/Mother's Helper
Sletnergard, Tenor, Norway l973 -l974
Biodynamic farming, herbal medicine, nutrition

Special Interests: Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Environmental Toxicology, Immune Disorders, Homeopathy, Women's Health, Longevity/Anti-aging Medicine



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